MasterCard Debit Cards

Introducing Your New MasterCard EMV Chip Debit Card

Sno Falls Credit Union is pleased to announce that after many months of research and planning, we are transitioning our debit cards from our existing VISA product to a partnership with MasterCard. Your new Debit MasterCard will be shipped to you during the last week of July – so please watch for your new card in the mail.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  All existing Sno Falls Credit Union debit card holders will be receiving a new EMV chip enabled MasterCard debit card in the mail by mid August 2017. It is important that you activate your new MasterCard debit card and begin using it as soon as possible. Your current Visa Debit card will be disabled on August 28th, 2017. The debit card design will be the same as your current Visa debit card so be sure to look for the MasterCard logo.

As a local member owned credit union, Sno Falls is constantly striving to find new partners and products to become a more efficient, forward thinking financial institution for our members with security as our number one priority. Your new MasterCard Debit Card will be universally accepted worldwide.

Thank you in advance for your continued membership and loyalty. For more detailed information regarding the changes please read the FAQs below.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this transition, please contact a member experience representative at 425-888-4004.


When can I activate and begin using my card?
As soon as you receive it.

Will my current PIN work on my new MasterCard debit card?
No.  You will receive a new PIN in the mail a couple days after receiving your card.  You will have an option to select your own personal PIN by following the instructions on the PIN mailer.

Can I continue using my old Visa debit card?
Yes. You can continue using your old card until 12:01am on August 28, 2017.   All current Visa debit cards will no longer work after this time.

Will I need to update automatic payments?
Yes. You will need to update any auto payments you have set on your current Visa debit card.  Be sure to do this before August 28, 2017.

Will any retailer accept them?
Yes. Your card will be widely accepted worldwide.  As the U.S. begins to transition to chip technology, the number of retailers with chip-enabled terminals will grow over time. To ensure you can use your card at any retailer, your new card will have both the chip and the magnetic stripe. If the terminal is chip-enabled, you will insert your card in the slot located at the top or bottom of the terminal and follow the prompts. Otherwise, you will swipe the card as you do today.

Will they prevent data breaches and fraud?
Chip technology provides an additional layer of security to help minimize data breaches. While this technology can’t prevent all security breaches, a secure payment technology is an important first line of defense.

Will the chip card require a PIN?
Follow the prompts on the terminal and wait for the transaction to be processed. You may be required to sign or enter your PIN to complete the transaction. A PIN will be needed to withdraw cash at an ATM for credit cards and debit cards.

Will I lose the ShopSPOT Rewards points that I have already accrued?
No. Your new MasterCard debit card will automatically be attached to your ShopSPOT rewards account.   You will continue to earn points on your purchases at participating merchants.


Additional Chip Card Information

How to use your chip card & answers to more of your questions


All Washington state residents are eligible to join.

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