Please contact us during regular business hours to request a debit limit increase for the weekend. Requests must be completed by Friday at 5 P.M.

Daily limits for ATM withdrawals and POS sale are both set to $1,000.00. Daily limits for transactions ran as Credit are set to $2,500.00.

For cards blocked due to possible fraudulent transactions, please call CO-OP (our card processor) at 1-888-241-2440 to confirm the validity of your transaction. When a transaction is flagged as potential fraud, CO-OP will alert you by phone call or text message.

Check and cash deposits can be completed at one of our ATMs (see ATM locations above). $225.00 is released at the time of deposit and the remaining amount is on hold for two business days. Deposits can also be put into a Night Drop at either branch to be processed the following business day.

Please reach out to our Frontline Team for additional alternatives to in-branch transactions.