Rewards Checking Account

Requirements met – up to $5000**1.25%1.26%
Requirements met – over $5000**0.10%0.10%
Requirements not met0.00%0.00%

See our Truth in Savings Disclosure

Savings Accounts

See our Truth in Savings Disclosure

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Dividends Compounded Quarterly
Minimum Balance: $1,000.00

Certificate Accounts Rate APY*
6 Month Certificate0.25%0.25%
12 Month Certificate0.45%0.45%
18 Month Certificate0.50%0.50%
24 Month Certificate0.55%0.55%
36 Month Certificate0.60%0.60%
48 Month Certificate0.75%0.75%
60 Month Certificate1.00%1.00%
12 Month Bump CD0.25%0.25%
18 Month Bump CD0.35%0.35%
24 Month Bump CD0.35%0.35%
36 Month Bump CD0.40%0.40%
48 Month Bump CD0.40%0.40%
60 Month Bump CD0.40%0.40%

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